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"If you are not in good shape, and do not ride a lot, you will not make Brasstown."
 -Eggy Beltran

Why does it cost so much? The logistics involved in transporting you, and your bicycle safely from the top of Brasstown Bald back to Helen requires significant manpower and equipment. All of this comes at a cost. We are constantly evaluating ways to reduce the costs, and to bring you an affordable event. 

Can I leave a car in Helen Friday night? YES, we have arranged a location in Helen for cars to be left over night. Email us, and we will tell you where it can be left.

Can I drive to the top of Brasstown? NO

Can my husband/wife/dog/cat follow me in a car? No. Due to the number of cyclists in the event, we strongly discourage any personal sag vehicles. 

Can my husband/wife/dog/cat meet me in Helen? Yes

Can I bring a change of clothes? Yes, bring your clothes in a secure, labeled plastic bag. We will have two trucks at the start of the event. One will take the bags to the top of Brasstown Bald, the other will take the clothes to Helen. It is your responsibility to place your drop bag in the appropriate truck. Do not pack any valuables in these bags. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

I'm not the fastest rider around, will I be able to make it? Maybe. We want all participants to enjoy the ride. You must pass certain check points within a liberal amount of time to continue the ride. You must be past the Helen cut-off (Ridge Road) by 1:00 pm to continue on to Helen. This is 76 miles into the ride.

If I don't make the cut-off , time, do I get a refund or partial refund?
No. We've budgeted and planned based on you're participation in the event.

What type of gearing should I set-up on my bicycle for this event? MOUNTAIN GEARING. 

How do I get back from the top of Brasstown Bald? All riders and bicycles will ride in the transportation provided to  Helen, Ga.

Can I do this event on my tandem? Certainly, however, you must register each rider independently for the same ride.

Must I wear my helmet the entire time? Even when going up Hogpen and Brasstown Bald? I promise, I'll go really slow and be careful. YES. Helmets are required the entire time for this ride. 

Will my bicycle be transported with me? To keep the costs down, we will be transporting your bicycle separately from you. 

How does my bike get transported, it's really expensive, and I don't want it damaged? First, we're cyclists too! We understand how valuable and important it is to handle your bicycle with care. We do promise the utmost care will be taken in transporting your bike. 

Where can I get a jersey for this killer ride? Our artists are working feverishly to produce the finest jersey for this event. Check back to our website often.

If I abandon ~halfway up Brasstown what happens?  I see that riding down
Brasstown is not allowed.  Do I have to walk to the top?
  You can keep walking up if you choose. We will have sag vehicles which will be patrolling the route and assist you to the top of Brasstown if you abandon the ride.

How often will shuttles to Helen be departing from Brasstown? Our goal is to expedite your departure from the top of the mountain. There will be limited resources to refuel you on top of the mountain. Once you take the short trip to Helen, there will be a hot dinner awaiting your arrival.

Will we ride all the way to the observation tower at Brasstown Bald, or to the main parking lot? This year, the US Forest Service was hesitant in allowing us to go to the observation tower. We compromised and determined the main parking lot would be a great final point for this years route. We anticipate the US Forest Service will allow us to expand the course to the observation tower in future years.

What happens if it's raining, is there a rain date? The event occurs rain or shine.



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