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"If you are not in good shape, and do not ride a lot, you will not make Brasstown."
 -Eggy Beltran

There are two rides available:

The complete Brasstown Bald Buster Century - For those of you that believe 14,000 feet of climbing is not enough.
The bike ride starts in Helen, Georgia and goes to the top of Brasstown Bald by route of Hogpen gap. You will start the ride along side your 80 miler Helen friends, who will abandon you at the first sign of trouble (Hogpen gap). Upon arrival at Brasstown Bald, you will be awarded a medal for completion of your journey. From atop Brasstown Bald, you will be transported to Helen, Georgia where a hot, made-to-order, sit-down dinner awaits your arrival. You're bicycle will be transported separately. Cost $105.00

The 80 Mile Helen Option
- This ride follows along the same path as the Brasstown Bald Buster Century route. While you've been pushing a high pace, little do the Century riders know that you are bailing at the first sign of trouble (aka mountains). Before the climb of Hogpen gap starts, you bid farewell to the brave ones, and you take a hard left to the safety of Helen, Georgia.  Don't let this ride fool you,  there's plenty of climbing. Roughly 6000 feet of climbing involved!
Ride starts in Helen, Georgia, ride 80 miles to Helen, Georgia where a hot, made-to-order, sit-down meal awaits you. From here, you can sit back and wait for the tales of the wayward souls that have tempted fate and are climbing to the top of Brasstown Bald. Cost $40.00

Additional Refreshments: There will be a beer available at the restaurant for purchase.

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